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Media Vault

What is Tape Vaulting?

rencontre entre jeunes lyon What is Tape Vaulting?   Tape Vaulting is process of moving your critical data offsite and into the care of our highly Secure FIRELOCK Vault. Data is usually transported off-site using removable storage media such as back-up tape & hard drives. Tape Vaulting protects your records for as long as your organization and legal requirements dictate.   Why Tape Vaulting?   Storage of backup media on tape is the most cost effective, accurate and fastest method to restore your data center in...

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Media Protection in a Fire

visit this site Media Protection in a Fire   In order to meet the U.L. 72 Class 125 standard, Seery Systems' vault is able to maintain temperatures below the critical threshold ON THE SURFACE of the vault interior, ( 125 degrees).   The Class 125 rating is recognized as the most stringent fire protection standard for data backup media in the world. . If you store your media in a gypsum board room,...

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Seery Systems LTO Tape

rencontre gay rezé LTO TAPE   Long Term Data Protection   Our digital universe is expanding. In 2012, IBM calculated that about 2.5 Exabytes, (2.5 billion gigabytes), of data were generated daily . Fast forward only 8 years to 2020 and experts are predicting that our digital universe will expand to 44 Zettabytes; about 44 Trillion Gigabytes.   Businesses are challenged with data storage and backup   As data rapidly increases, businesses are challenged with managing...

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Seery Systems' Media Vault

important site Seery Systems offers off-site data protection with their new Media Vault   When we work with our clients, their challenges for storing their critical data varies. Some clients need to scan their paper documents into a digital format, while others need to store their paper documents in our records storage facility. No matter the need, most discussions eventually lead to their data backup and critical data storage...

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